Satinder Sartaaj Will Be Seen In Main lead of A Hollywood Movie Called “The Black Prince” Based On The Life History Of Last King of Punjab Maharaja Duleep Singh.

For many thousands of years, Vaisakhi has been the time when farmers have put their sickles to harvest and celebrated the coming of a new year. Since 1699, the Sikhs have had a further reason to celebrate at this time of the year. Now Vaisakhi is celebrated with even more energy, pomp and fanfare. It has become a holy day to mark the birth of the Khalsa fraternity. And so 300+ years on, this tradition continues with much gaiety, vigour and enthusiasm. Sikhs worldwide will spend much time remembering this most important day in their religious calendar – the day the Khalsa was created.

The Candian Vaisakhi Parade has been held in the streets of the community for the past 17 years. Attendees of all races and cultures are welcome at this celebratory and rich cultural event, which features a large number of floats, community performers and live music. Vaisakhi Parade also features a unique element which pays tribute to the harvest celebration roots of the parade – attendees are given free food and drink from hundreds of local residents and businesses. As per media Consensus Guests a record attendance of over 300,00 people attended this event in the year 2015.

In 2016 we bring Satinder Sartaaj on his Black Prince Tour all across Canada to celebrate Vaisakhi with his Canadian Fans and this electrifying concert is going to be held at The Abbotsford Centre which provides a magnificent setting for events as diverse as ice shows, boxing, basketball, hockey, concerts, circuses, large assemblies, and trade & consumer shows.

The Abbotsford Centre is a 8,500-seat multi-purpose arena in Abbotsford, British Columbia. It is designed to ensure structural and service accessibility for all guests


A multi-gifted artist, artist, songwriter, singer, composer and poet.

Today Dr.Satinder Sartaaj possesses an unprecedented list of achievements and remains in the fore front of his craft, a true inspiration. As an artist he excites, enlightens, leads and embraces his fans with insights into life’s meaning and deepest feelings. Ancestral values are seen embedded deep in his poetry. Satinder Sartaaj captivates audiences through the vigor and sheer beauty of his words and lyrics. His songs stir the souls, energize the bodies, liberate the minds and heal the hearts.

An ardent lover of nature Satinder Sartaaj has dedicated several of his compositions to nature, because from the beginning he was drawn to the beauty and fragrance of the flowers, rainbows and the tranquil flow of the water creating rhythmic patterns.

Music Album

First Album “Sartaaj” Released In February 2010 Sold-Out More Than1.5 Million Copies Globally.

Music Industry Pioneer

Track “Sai” Has Created New Milestone In Indian Music Industry.

Royal Albert Hall

Only Artist From Punjab Who Performed At Prestigious Royal Albert Hall, London.

Satinder Sartaaj Live in Vancouver – The Black Prince Tour April 2016